Skoda geofencing tech enables guardians to keep track when vehicle offering to kids

Skoda geofencing tech enables guardians to keep track when vehicle offering to kids

Guardians who offer a vehicle with their kids will almost certainly monitor their whereabouts because of new geofencing innovation from Skoda.

With over portion of 17-24-year olds said by the Czech firm to depend monetarily on their folks to keep them driving once they’ve breezed through their test, vehicle sharing is frequently a training utilized by numerous families as a financially savvy arrangement.

Be that as it may, for those guardians not needing their kids from straying excessively far in the family vehicle, new geofencing innovation could demonstrate important. Proprietors can set a green region on a guide that they need their children to remain inside; should they stray out of it, guardians will get a cell phone notice through an application.


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In like manner, proprietors can set a red region in which they don’t need kids to enter by any means.

The geofencing administration can likewise be set to just dynamic on specific days and at specific occasions, and different regions can be observed at once. Truth be told, guardians can set up to four region notices one after another.

It’s everything accessible by means of the Skoda Connect application, which incorporates different highlights, for example, the capacity to check vehicle fuel levels remotely or verifying whether it has been left opened. It can even check a cell phone schedule and tell the client when they have to leave for an arrangement dependent on constant traffic data.



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